Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today I'm going to review my training lessons. It's been almost a month since I passed my evaluation to be a therapy dog and Mom says I need some review. Here's what I'm working on:

1. I must wait at the door before going out. This is hard. I'm always so excited and curious about my walks, I want to hurry out to see what's new. Every day brings new adventures!

2. Down and stay. This is easy. It gives me a chance to take a breath before the next activity.

3. No begging at the table.  I used to be very good at this but my little brother, Poni (a spoiled rotten miniature poodle mix), begs all the time. Now under the New Rules even he doesn't get food scraps. Human food shouldn't smell so good!

4. No barking at people walking by outside. Another hard one. I keep thinking I need to warn the family about stranger danger. This never happens when I'm outside and see people. Then I want to meet everyone.

5. Don't bug Poni. My little brother is really my older brother. He's almost fourteen--which is about 85 in people years. It drives me nuts when he ignores me as I prance around and stare down my nose at him. He may be older but I'm the Alpha dog. 

After I practice my lessons I get to go to the park. Watch out squirrels!

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