Monday, November 12, 2012

Poodle Romp

Oh boy! I had fun at Arizona Poodle Rescue's Poodle Romp. We met oodles of poodles at a park where dogs could run off leash, sniff each other and play. My new sister came from Arizona Poodle Rescue and she got to see her former foster mom. I came home dog tired from all the excitement.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sister Sherry

Well, I didn't get to be Only Dog for long. Last week Mom and Dad and I went up to the Petsmart in Scottsdale to see if Arizona Poodle Rescue had a sister for me. They did! And here she is. Her name is Sherry (changed from Cherri). She's skinnier than I am so I have to be sure she eats all her dinner. She doesn't know any human words like 'sit', 'come', 'stay', or 'down'. Mom and I will have to teach her these things so she can be as wonderful as (ahem) I am. But she has already learned one trick. When someone comes home she grabs a teddy bear to greet them, just like I do. Yesterday she got a check-up at the vet and all is OK for now. She has stinky breath, but in a month or so she'll get her teeth cleaned and then I won't faint when she breathes on me.

Sherry will be fun to hang out with as long as she understands the rules:
I am #1,
only I get to hide in the big closet,
only I get to sleep on the big bed,
only I get to go on Pet Partner visits,
only I get to woof, "Welcome home, Sherry!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye Poni

This is a sad week. My little brother, Poni, went to Dog Heaven. He was very old and had lots of problems. So I'm reading all about this place called Dog Heaven where dogs get to run and chase birds and get biscuits made by God. I hope Poni is having a good time, meeting all the dogs that once lived in this family--Scobie, Smiley, Spenser, Ole, Kari, and Brio. I have to admit, I miss the little guy. But now I am #1 Only Dog. That's a lot of responsibility! My first job is to cheer up Mom and Dad. I think I'll go give them a poodle kiss right now!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another year gone by

Once again it's my birthday....or rather yesterday was. I am now 11 years young and still beautiful! Last year we were in Colorado but this year we're stuck in hot, dry Arizona. But I got a new treat for my birthday. A donut! It was yummy and I didn't share any of it with Poni. I also got a cool birthday present and I'll post a picture of it as soon as Mom figures out how do do it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mom's New Book

Grrr. This post used to be here but it somehow got chewed up. Not by me! Anyway, here's the news again. Mom (Marianne) has published a new book called  A PROMISE MADE. A few dogs run through the story but it's really about a teenage girl who runs away from home and ends up in a small mining town in Colorado. I hope all readers of this post will buy lots of copies of her book (available on Amazon) and tell all their friends to buy lots of copies so Mom will earn lots of money to buy me lots of biscuits. There's even a character in the story called 'Biscuit' so I know the real motive for writing this book was to get me more biscuits. So there you have it--dog logic!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

If You Read to Me

by Misty Poodle

If you read to me
I will sit and listen
And follow every word you say.

If you read to me
I will not ignore you.
I will not get bored.

I may lie down
But just to rest my head.
I’ll hang onto every word.

I may sit or scratch
Or look around the room.
But I am still paying attention.

If you read to me
You will relax and keep right on.
You will like sharing your book.

If you read to me
You will get better and better
And I will always be proud of you.

If you read and read and read
You will fall in love
With books and words and reading.

Because you read to me.