Friday, September 21, 2012

Sister Sherry

Well, I didn't get to be Only Dog for long. Last week Mom and Dad and I went up to the Petsmart in Scottsdale to see if Arizona Poodle Rescue had a sister for me. They did! And here she is. Her name is Sherry (changed from Cherri). She's skinnier than I am so I have to be sure she eats all her dinner. She doesn't know any human words like 'sit', 'come', 'stay', or 'down'. Mom and I will have to teach her these things so she can be as wonderful as (ahem) I am. But she has already learned one trick. When someone comes home she grabs a teddy bear to greet them, just like I do. Yesterday she got a check-up at the vet and all is OK for now. She has stinky breath, but in a month or so she'll get her teeth cleaned and then I won't faint when she breathes on me.

Sherry will be fun to hang out with as long as she understands the rules:
I am #1,
only I get to hide in the big closet,
only I get to sleep on the big bed,
only I get to go on Pet Partner visits,
only I get to woof, "Welcome home, Sherry!"

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